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Why You Need an Aligned Front Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales teams operate under separate but related sets of objectives—marketing to drive awareness and bring as many high-quality leads to the top of the funnel as possible; sales to determine which of those leads are potential buyers and … Read More


Announcing: VisualizeROI and Comprehend Systems

VisualizeROI is excited to announce that Comprehend Systems has joined the many satisfied sales organizations using our value marketing and sales platform. Comprehend Systems is a leader in the Computer Software industry and we couldn’t be happier to show Comprehend … Read More


Announcing: VisualizeROI and Vendavo

VisualizeROI is excited to announce that Vendavo has joined the many satisfied sales organizations using our value marketing and sales platform. Vendavo is a leader in the B2B Commerce industry and we couldn’t be happier to show Vendavo prospects just … Read More


Value-Based Selling vs. ROI Selling

Get a bunch of sales professionals in a room and you might hear a plethora of sales philosophies as you walk by. Some recommend this guru, others swear by that book, and still, more wouldn’t head out on the road … Read More


Too Many Sales Tools? Here’s How to Find the One That’s Right For You.

These days there’s a tool for everything. The question becomes, how do you determine which tools are the ones you should be paying attention to? Should you be using internally facing tools to automate your sales processes, or customer-facing tools … Read More


3 Ways You’re Using Your ROI Calculator Wrong

ROI calculators are nothing new to sales teams. ROI is a long-standing business metric and one at the forefront of buyers’ minds. Sales teams know that tapping into this proactively and approaching buyers with an ROI-based selling technique is an … Read More


Without Sales Enablement, You Lose

Sales is a collaborative effort. Your old tactics no longer work. It’s too easy for prospective buyers to do a google search, download content, and make a purchase without ever speaking to a sales rep. To get your reps into … Read More


You Can’t Sell Without a Strategy: Statistics for High-Performing Sales Teams

The B2B sales landscape has experienced drastic changes over the last decade; an increase in readily-available content, a migration to mobile-friendly interactions, and the elevated expectations of buyers have all contributed to new challenges for sales professionals. It’s not enough … Read More


The Other Dimension of Lead Scoring

The myriad marketing automation companies operating today are doing a great job answering half of the lead scoring question: How “engaged” is the prospect? However, they are generally not addressing the other half, which is arguably even more important: Is … Read More