VisualizeROI is excited to announce that Vendavo has joined the many satisfied sales organizations using our value marketing and sales platform. Vendavo is a leader in the B2B Commerce industry and we couldn’t be happier to show Vendavo prospects just how much value they get by working with a Sales Intelligence expert like Vendavo!

Vendavo came to VisualizeROI with a simple problem: How can we better communicate the Value of Vendavo CPQ to our prospects?  How can we enable our prospects to see the Value they would realize using Vendavo?  And how can we enable reps to have collaborative discussions with prospects to quantify the Value they would realize using Vendavo to shorten sales cycles and avoid unnecessary discounting.. Fortunately, that’s exactly why we built our Value Selling and Marketing solution. We worked with Vendavo to understand their value proposition, best marketing assets, and case studies that depict what results their clients typically achieve.

VisualizeROI converted that information into an interactive, dynamic application to attract and nurture prospects.  Key components include:

  • An effective interactive calculator customized to Vendavo’s business model
  • Branded, automated output presentation to drive follow-up activities
  • Notifications to sales rep upon completion of form
  • Integrated with marketing automation tool and sales funnel to accelerate their process!

Join us in welcoming Vendavo to the next generation of marketing and sales professionals.

Vendavo equips and empowers their customers around the globe to unleash their true commercial potential, claim their competitive edge, and become the B2B performance leaders they are meant to be.

VisualizeROI disrupts the traditional sales process enabling clients to communicate Value at every stage of the sales and customer retention cycles. To learn more about the ways VisualizeROI can help you show your clients your value, contact us today.

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