COVID-19 Marketing Budget Evaluation Tool

Rethinking your Marketing Budget due to the COVID-19 Crisis?​

VisualizeROI and Burkland have created this interactive calculator, which embeds research on virtual events, to help you with sensitivity analysis and the creation of a dynamic presentation for your C-suite.  

What a challenging environment! Here’s what we know:​

Your 2020 plans have been thrown out the window, as for the first time in history we are in a “legislated” recession.​

  • We don’t know when we will be allowed to resume “business-as-usual” – and we don’t know what business-as-usual will mean!
  • We are shifting spend from events which require travel to digital modes.
  • Given the environment, your C-suite and Board are asking for substantial changes in resource allocation.

The interactive calculator will help you answer the following questions:

  • Where should we lower marketing spend?
  • Where should we possibly increase it?
  • What is a new realistic pipeline generation goal?
  • How do virtual events compare to in-person events?
  • What is the ROI on virtual events?
  • How do you generate high quality leads from virtual events?
  • Examples of virtual event success.
This interactive tool combines industry benchmark data and research on virtual events to allow you to forecast scenarios which can be exported into a presentation that you can share with your C-suite, Board, and colleagues to enable better decision-making.