Benefits for Sales Reps

Get to the Second Call

More Effective Communication

On the first call, inside sales reps literally have 10 to 30 minutes to convince the contact to take a second meeting. There is tension on every call: the contact wants to know the cost, and the sales rep wants to describe features and benefits.

Instant Value Snapshots

How to bridge the gap and get to the second call? Ask 4-6 key questions, and instantly create a Value Snapshot! A Value Snapshot summarizes visually the 3-5 main areas where your solutions create value for the client, and roughly estimates the potential revenue or cost impact on the Prospect’s business.

Delight and Empower Your Internal Champion

Prospect to Champion

Okay, congratulations. Your Prospect is no longer just a Lead, but is now a full Opportunity. Even better news – you have someone who likes your product, takes your meeting requests, and calls you back (at least most of the time). He is your Champion.

Detailed Value Information

How can you keep things moving? Well, the truth is that your Champion isn’t quite sure how to communicate your value internally. Help him (or her) help you! Go to the next level with your Prospect – collaborate on another 5 to 20 data points, and create a Business Value Profile. The Business Value Profile provides more detail on the value you can provide to the Prospect.

Determine Your Negotiating Leverage. Maintain Your Premium Pricing

Client Confidence

Wow, this is going really well. Your Champion has asked for a proposal. However, you have two challenges: you’re not sure how much budget he can access, and you fear that a competitor may be quoting a lower price than you are. The good news is that you are confident your solution is superior and that if implemented properly, your Champion will become a hero based on the benefits realized by his company.

Comparison and Opportunity

Here’s what you do know: either your Champion is going to have to create a business case, or his boss will. Your job is to make your Champion’s job easy. Using our web-based solution, collaborate with your Champion to refine the Business Value Profile, including your company’s costs. If appropriate, create a Value Comparison Profile, comparing your solution to the prospect’s Current approach, and/or the competitor’s approach. Also, show the Opportunity Cost of waiting!

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