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eBook: Capture and Calculate the Cost of Decision Delay

The status quo refers to an existing state of affairs. But what does it mean in the Sales sense and how does “Status quo is not free!” apply when trying to move your sales cycle along. Well, the key to great discovery starts with quantitative questions that drive the current cost of the status quo discussion. Download the Ebook to learn what drives the cost of the status quo.

eBook: ROI Modeling: It's All About the Pain

As a B2B sales professional, the mechanics of selling can feel like Mt. Everest to climb, but it doesn’t have to. . .Since every well-designed sales process includes reliable projections of deal size and closing date, the best way to accomplish this lofty task is to identify the financial impact or cost implications of maintaining the status quo – or the existing pains of the business. Learn how to help your prospect see the signs that are inclined to make them ACT today!

eBook: Value Selling to the C-Suite

Every major purchase has a business buyer, technical buyer, and financial buyer. To be part of the conversation with any of these C-Suite executives, it’s crucial to understand their vernacular. If you can articulate the economic impact of your solution, you can be part of a bigger conversation. Download the eBook and learn how to communicate value in their language so you can start closing deals NOW.

eBook: Fact: Want to Win Over the C-Suite? Increase Profits

The financial buyer needs to understand the nuances of profit improvement before investing. Soft cost savings is presumptive, assuming the possibility of dollars to the bottom line in the future. Download our eBook and win over the C-suite and learn some techniques for speaking the right language when it comes to profit improvement.

eBook: ROI vs TCO Calculations - Pros and Cons

While ROI considers the cost over a fixed period and the value the investment can deliver, TCO is a prerequisite when price is a primary consideration since it looks at the total cost. The financial buyer cares about ROI, TCO, and value. Download our eBook today and you'll be prepared to have the discussion with the financial buyer!.

eBook: Is It Time To Retire Your Excel ROI Models

While Excel is great for some functions, the truth is that if you can do it in Excel, you can do it in VisualizeROI. This white paper will help you understand the effort, and advantage of moving from Excel to the cloud with your ROI model.

eBook: ROI Models Help Drive The Buyer’s Journey

When we think of what’s important in the buyer’s journey, we think of needs, solutions, price, risk, economic impact, cash flow, and value. What starts out as a high priority at the beginning of a buyer’s journey may be insignificant at the end. Learn to leverage your value throughout the buyer’s process.

eBook: 5 Ways to Build a World-class Value Selling Organization

We believe that Value Practitioners are often viewed - and justifiably so - as "manna from heaven" for today’s sales teams. However, the most seasoned professionals can be handicapped from delivering their full potential. Learn how to AVOID the biggest, most detrimental mistakes a Value Practitioner can make.


eBook: 3 Ways To Ensure Your Sales Cycle Doesn't Sputter During The Last Mile

Together with Sandler Training, a worldwide leader in sales, management, and customer service training, VisualizeROI presents three practical ways salespeople can minimize the chances of losing a sale in the final stages of the cycle. Impress your prospects and confidently close deals with these fool-proof methods.

Deploying ROI Tools

Deploying ROI tools to your website, sales teams, or customer success organization requires finesse and expertise. Contact us to discuss best practices, or request our Best Practices Guide.