eBooks by VisualizeROI

eBook: ROI Models Help Drive The Buyer’s Journey

When we think of what’s important in the buyer’s journey, we think of needs, solutions, price, risk, economic impact, cash flow, and value. What starts out as a high priority at the beginning of a buyer’s journey may be insignificant at the end. Learn to leverage your value throughout the buyer’s process.

eBook: 5 Ways to Build a World-class Value Selling Organization

We believe that Value Practitioners are often viewed - and justifiably so - as "manna from heaven" for today’s sales teams. However, the most seasoned professionals can be handicapped from delivering their full potential. Learn how to AVOID the biggest, most detrimental mistakes a Value Practitioner can make.


eBook: 3 Ways To Ensure Your Sales Cycle Doesn't Sputter During The Last Mile

Together with Sandler Training, a worldwide leader in sales, management, and customer service training, VisualizeROI presents three practical ways salespeople can minimize the chances of losing a sale in the final stages of the cycle. Impress your prospects and confidently close deals with these fool-proof methods.

Deploying ROI Tools

Deploying ROI tools to your website, sales teams, or customer success organization requires finesse and expertise. Contact us to discuss best practices, or request our Best Practices Guide.