Enabling the Challenger Sale

Enabling the Challenger Sale with VisualizeROI

The Challenger Sale teaches sales reps to “Teach, Tailor, and Take Control” of the conversation. Easier said than done.

VisualizeROI can enable sales reps to implement these three essential ingredients.

How do you teach, tailor, and take control of the sale?

To achieve these, reps need to include content and messaging which are both (a) educational and (b) personalized, based on actual customer data, in each key phase in the sales process: Prospecting, Discovery, and Presentation/ Proposal. 

Challenger Sale Espouses

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VisualizeROI allows sales reps to easily use discoverable data about the customer from available data sources (e.g. LinkedIn, DataNyze, and DiscoverOrg) to create a quantified Pain Statement, prescribed by Challenger. This positions reps as knowledgeable thought leaders who have earned the meeting. The best practice is to auto-generate compelling prospecting messages, starting from the CRM system, which can then be fed into email automation tools such as Outreach and Yesware, to engage the customer. VisualizeROI enables this.

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Most Discovery Guides provided to sales reps during New Hire training have useful content to enable the identification of pain points that the vendor can solve. However, they tend to be very long, not structured in an effective decision tree, and not integrated with the CRM Contact, Lead, or Account object. The best practice is to solve these challenges using an automated solution or software, integrated with CRM, supplemented with live training including role plays. VisualizeROI enables this.
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Presentation / Proposal

In the Presentation/ Proposal phase, the best reps present information gleaned throughout the sales process in a consumable, compelling way. The presentation Teaches the customer, including the following components:

  • Buyer Articulated and Latent Needs, in the buyer’s language
  • Quantified, personal pain statements leveraging analyst research
  • An investment proposal presented in an overall context

The best practice is to solve these challenges using an automated solution or software, integrated with CRM. VisualizeROI enables this.