CTO/ Director of Engineering

We are seeking an engineering leader who wants to scale a B2B SaaS application that has product / market fit. We have several well-known enterprise customers, including Verizon, Allstate, and Palo Alto Networks, who are using our solution to accelerate their B2B sales and marketing efforts.

Your experience with deploying analytics modules, establishing and maintaining data integrations, and leading teams that build great user experiences will be highly valuable here! You should be comfortable writing efficient database schemas and elegantly simple, back-end code.
This will be a player/ coach role, where you will be spending about 50% of your time managing our existing small team of developers, and 50% writing code yourself.

You should love data, analytics, and data visualization. We will migrate the application over time to a new stack, and any experience with this will be helpful too!

We’re looking for people who have:
  •  Knowledge and experience with PHP and Java.
  •  Exceptional Object-oriented JavaScript problem-solving skills.
  •  Proficient in CSS2, raw JavaScript, AJAX, and Web standards.
  •  Experience designing and developing RESTful interfaces.
  •  Experience creating MySQL schemas and generating SQL queries.
  •  Experienced at setting up and maintaining a MySQL cluster.
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  •  BS in Computer Science or equivalent. MS Preferred.
  •  10+ years experience.
  •  Languages: PHP, Javascript, SQL, HTML/CSS, Objective C (iOS).
  •  Databases: MySQL, SQL Server.
  •  Content Management Systems: Drupal.
  •  Also, a bonus…Excellence at math and spreadsheets.

If this is you, please send an email to [email protected] with your résumé attached.