Sample Interactive ROI and TCO Calculators

Over the last eight years, numerous companies have realized success, driving leads and closing sales, with VisualizeROI’s flexible and effective Value Selling platform. Via the platform’s built in configuration mechanisms, customers fine tune value drivers, calculations and look and feel on their own, to find the right combination that appeals to their buyers. 

Value of Mitigating Risk

  • Quantifies company Value at risk in current environment and processes
  • Presents mitigating measures across risk areas
  • Shares demonstrable reduction across industries

Value of Waste Reduction and Productivity Savings

  • Shares scientifically proven waste reduction measures with quantified savings
  • Walks through efficient management of laboratory staff time
  • Computes freed up time that employees can use for value added work

Value of Optimal Security Operations

  • Measure the overlap and inefficiency inherent in having multiple layers of security
  • Shows where IT departments have an overload of warnings, alerts, and false positives
  • Gauges the effectiveness of current security solutions and scope of redundancy reduction

Marketing Spend Assessment

  • Access where your marketing excels and where opportunity exists across five categories
  • Provide an in-depth look at where your audience may be falling
  • Present how to perfect audience experiences, while still positively affecting bottom line

Measuring ROI of Voice of Customer (VoC) Program

  • Compute measurable financial impact through improvements in customer churn, customer spend, and the costs of customer service
  • Presents a solid business case by calculating the benefits of implementing a VoC program
  • Calculate expected return on investment and produce a personalized report

Out-of-the-box Integrations

Are you ready to close more deals by creating compelling visuals of your solution's ROI?