Enable Value Discussion Throughout Buyer’s Journey

VisualizeROI has defined the “value selling SaaS platform” category, we were the first application to launch on SFDC AppExchange in 2012.

With eight years of innovation, VisualizeROI offers the most mature SaaS platform in this space.  

Industry-leading Platform

Scalable and agile SaaS platform

Flexible, customizable UI and branding to leverage customer corporate look and feel

Fast deployment

Multiple output formats, including PDF, Word, Excel, PPT

Self-service and configurable platform to deploy and maintain ROI and TCO models

Excel users trained in 2-4 hours to build and support models in the platform

Drag-and-drop wizard enables placement of dynamic data on images and inside of PPT slides

Easy to set up and maintain ROI model “templates” that are useful by target industry, segment, or buyer persona

Ground Breaking Administration Capabilities

With VisualizeROI, customers can publish their own models to their sales team, channel partners, and website, with limited to no assistance from the VisualizeROI team. 

Best-in-Class Analysis and Reporting

Advanced analytics

Adoption monitoring and reporting

Discovery of “ideal client profile”

Ease of Use by Sales Teams

Sales rep adoption is essential and core to our mission

Alignment with VPs of Sales and Marketing allows us to achieve this

  • Intuitive guided wizard enables sales reps to quickly engage with prospects on mutually agreed value driver inputs
  • Access to a variety of help text and self-service videos
  • Begin value analyses from SFDC, or directly from the application
  • Advanced sharing capability allows sales reps to validate assumptions with client
  • Flexibility to import data sets via Excel or programmatic API calls
  • Supports global rollout with multi-lingual and multi-currency capabilities

Out-of-box integration with related tools and SaaS solutions

We collaborate with a rich ecosystem of SaaS tools

  • SSO integration
  • Seamless CRM integration to synchronize data with platform at Lead, Opportunity, or Account objects
  • Ability to transfer lead information dynamically to marketing automation platforms 

Ability to quickly and easily integrate is critical in this business.